12-11-11 by dave

This morning was beautiful, being not to cold, not to busy, and both sides open.  I struggled my way back to the hill to keep moving and not seize up as the severe bruising begins to blossom.  It was a hard hit I took, but I am just bruised not broken.  If I had not slowed down going into that gun curtain it would have been another story.  The snow pack has really solidified since Friday, becoming seriously bullet proof, requiring a cautious approach to both sides of the hill.  There was a South wind blowing all the loose snow off Regulator, leaving it extremely greasy with precious little fuzz to grab an edge on.  With no edges, I just was keeping it real, just letting the skis slide graciously through the turns.  I could tune them up, but that extra purchase sends vibrations up to my knees, so I am just giving my knees a break by not getting serious about  trying to dig in.  Tomorrow, look for the early morning runs to provide some tenderising efforts by the Cat Crew, along with  minimal traffic pressure.  Off trail is getting very well traveled, revealing the rocks and stumps, but also sustaining the development of the medium frequency, medium amplitude interference patterns.  There was a big ring around the Sun today, indicating a change in the weather a few days down the road, so keep your

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eyes on the forecast for an official change.  Of course, it will come when it comes, and I am going to enjoy every day for what it is, even if it might be a tad slick.  When the time comes to let loose, all the elements will be ready to hold up the performance level.  Be careful under the guns, which by and large, are turning out great gun powder, but  the temperature variations from top to bottom can create some inconsistency.   See you in the AM.   IBBY!!

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