12-19-11 by dave

There was a light dusting on the trailer this morning, with a light precipitation falling.  The conditions finally broke at Tanner’s Flat, where there was blue bird sunshine above the inversion.   It was quite a bit colder this morning, so the gun powder was very  silky and smooth.  The Regulator side of the hill is decidedly firmer, so I was working the Peruvian side for the most part.  Off trail  has some lines that are being worked, with the associated interference pattern development.  The Skier, formally known as HIPPY G, said that the Rat’s Nest entrance into Great Scott made him ” the most frightened” he’s ever been getting into it.  I will take his assessment seriously and continue to work the fundamentals in preparation for the deep.  Who Done It is open now, though it required a conservative approach.  On the lower section, there are rocks and willow stumps to deal with.  Use caution there.  Tomorrow, look for grooming and tenderizing efforts to provide the velvet smoothness on both sides, though the Peruvian side seems to be a bit dryer and chalkier.  Back to back Trams, and a great vibe make these inversion days fun!!  See you in the AM.   IBBY!!   P. S.  Here is a shot of a visitor, who was darned glad to be here, and who could blame him?

Cool Hat

4 Responses to “HIGH CONTRAST”

  1. Peter says:

    dave it was good to see you I like your assessment of yesterday’s snow looking forward to skiing today. really looking forward to some freshies

  2. Jim B.(ex-Cliff Lodge) says:

    Thanks for the Sunday photo of the valley soup. Hadn’t admited to that reality, having not gotten above yet.
    Hey, what do you make of the photo on the Tribune Away section today – Snowbird’s 40th.
    Is that real ? !! I can’t place the background ridge/peaks. Is that Timp. patched in ?

  3. dave says:

    That shot is of Timp. looking at the Baldy Express. Mineral Basin awaits!!!

  4. dave says:

    That shot is of Timp. looking at the Baldy Express. Mineral Basin awaits!!!

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