12-20-11 by dave

Another beautiful morning above the inversion greeted the morning crew.  The Mornings keep getting darker and darker as we get to the shortest day of the year, but the Sun finally breaks over ridge shedding light of the Grooming efforts.  Extensive tenderizing had been done, giving tooth to the mat, and providing a race ready canvas to work with.  I have been watching the World Cup racing, and pretend the course is prepped just for me.  Of course, good edges helps immensely when it comes to laying it down on the Extra Primo firmness, so I just pretend I have them.  The Brisk morning temps. enabled the snow guns to turn out some very nice Gun Powder.  There is snow in the forecast, which will move the bad air from the valley, and bring us some well deserved soft snow.  If you are there tomorrow, keep an eye out for the hazards that are now visible, which will become covered by any amount of accumulation. It is best to have that info in the back of the mind as you drop off trail.  Tomorrow, look for the grooming efforts to continue to deliver the morning goodness, before it starts getting scraped off, and then look for the dust to accumulate on the sides for traction.  There may be some flat light ahead of the precipitation, so stay with the smooth and trusted lines.  Soon there will be good to go lines wall to wall.  You know it’s coming!!!   Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!!   Ciao!

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