12-21-11 by dave

The Valley was scrubbed clean by the system that moved through overnight to deliver a small amount of freshness to the hill.  Being able to breath fresh air was a treat after dealing with that inversion layer for so long.  With the storm came significant wind, which worked the hill differently on both sides as the day progressed.  There were serious areas of Tiles and Piles, which were obscured by the blowing and limited visibility, making the negotiation of the variations difficult and challenging top to bottom.  The visibility was much better on the lower half of the hill, letting you see some of the variations, though the firmness reflected through despite the new snow.  The Christmas vacations have begun, increasing the pressure quite a bit, and will continue to increase as the holiday period progresses, so added attention to the surrounding sliders is imperative.  Edge noise is still signaling the proximity of sliders up slope, so keep your ears open and check visually both sides of your line to keep  the fast movers in your line considerations.  Tomorrow, look for the Grooming Crew to have worked the new material into the mat, making those extreme variations a bit more consistent, though I expect the usual scraping as the traffic works the sections.  Still, be looking to the side of the runs to have the traction you will be looking for.  The Valley had cleared out when I came down the hill, but the clouds kept hanging on the peaks delivering continued precipitation, so additional freshness can be expected for the morning session.  Here are two shots to illustrate the before and after condition of the Valley after the the cleansing.   Take advantage of the new installment in the AM.   I will see you there for first Boat.   Peace Out!!

Before the storm


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