12-20-16 by dave

The overnight cloud deck moved off as the morning began, leaving Mineral Basin bathed in Sun, with the Groomers, once again, off the charts carveliscious.  It was a Lay It Down Like Ligety morning, and there had been the slightest trace of dust that made each turn that much more magical.  Here is a shot of the Morning Crew at the top of the first Lewis and Clark run of the day.img_0005The temps. were beautiful with no wind, so staying back there dialing in the untracked corduroy was the ticket for the morning session.  Here is a long shot looking back at the pass.   img_0004The off trail has been consolidating and is feeling much more supportable than just the other day.  The low amplitude rumble is still in play, but had been worked by the wind and is much more mellow.  Only those very heavily visited lines are still sporting higher amplitude interference patterns.  The lines off of Gad 2 are feeling very nice.  I took a few laps there today to get a look and found some great buffed sections that were loaded with delicious.    While I took a look at the Peruvian side of the hill, I stopped and got this shot of Superior which has seen a lot img_0009of traffic in the past couple of days.  Tomorrow, look for more great Groomers to be the best on the hill.  Temps. should remain mild out ahead of the next system that is approaching.  The Weather Dude says there may be  another trace tonight, so there may be something to find in the AM.  Watch the Black Ice in the Canyon as it has been in effect the past few days.  The hill is in great shape and provides fast and furious vertical where ever you point yourself.  See the Line, BE the Line!!

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