12-19-16 by dave

It was much warmer this morning, which was a welcome relief from the biting cold of the last few days.  The powder has been worked over wall to wall, but the Cat Crew has been hard at work putting fresh carpet all over the hill.  This last installment was the perfect material to produce the off the charts perfect buffage that I have been waiting for all season.  Here is a close up dsc04198of the corduroy that was un tracked for the first run out on the first Lewis and Clark sojourn of the season.  When the carpet is this smooth, you can do no wrong and every turn snaps crackles and pops !!  We spent all morning over there before heading back to the front of the hill.  Here is a shot of the Morning Crew celebrating the occasion  at the Landing.  dsc04195This spot gives a great overview of the back bowl.  Powder Paradise continues to remain closed, but the wind has affected the pack there as it has the rest of the area, but it still looks great. dsc04192The off trail has set up quite a bit and staying with the freshly worked lines will offer the best quality.  You got to go for the perfect stuff when it is happening.  Tomorrow, look for freshly reworked carpets of perfection to greet the early risers, but that smooth quality will last all day as it did today.  Clouds are moving in now, and I expect a bit of overcast as the next storm begins to influence the area.  The off trail will still be variable on all sides of the hill, but there may be some wind lines that develop over night.   I will be keeping an eye out for this on the way up first Tram.   As I was hitting the peak after a lap in Mineral in the afternoon,  I stopped to take this shot of the Summit, which has become a highlight at the peak.  To see it in real life as opposed to the renderings in the past few years is a treat to GROK.  dsc04202dsc02253See you there for the ground pounding fun of carving perfect living room shag; perhaps envision a vintage deep pile.  Perfect.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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