12-21-16 by dave

There was a light dusting of freshness covering the hill this morning and the Sun was shining brightly to make it an incredible carving event; another Lay It Over Like Ligety moment if you will.  We made a bee line for the Lewis and Clark area, where the corduroy was smooth, silky and fast.  Here is a shot of the Lewis and Clark area taken from the other side of the Gulch.  img_0011On the front of the hill, the lines were firming up, but the corduroy was excellent as well. Off trail has consolidated even more, and was offering nice lines that were consistent and predictable.  Low clouds moved over the hill around 10:30 AM., making visibility an issue on all sides of the hill.  By the time breakfast was over, there were some breaks in the clouds and visibility began to improve.   Traffic was light, with walk on Trams a treat for making laps and dialing a rockin’ pace.  That overnight dust kept the surfaces grippy and soft all day long.  Tomorrow, look for another day of ground pounding fun on the Groomers, but keep your eye out for some of the smooth lines that are waiting for a bit of exploration.   I found a couple of gems today that I have avoided, but found gold as that last installment put a whole new face on those lines.  The hill constantly changes and you can find the goods.  We will have to see if the wind does any natural grooming overnight.  There will be light traffic again, so be sure to take advantage of these days before the holidays to get the hill to yourself. IBBY!!

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