12-22-16 by dave

A high cloud deck covered the range, with clearing tantalizingly close, but holding off to the West.  The light was very flat, with little detail to discern, and staying close to the trees offered the best light on the hill.  The Groomers were smooth and consistent, however, they were firm on all sides of the hill, though there was plenty of surface dust to get an edge, even with my very dull edges.  I was putting down laps on all sides of the hill before breakfast to get a quick overview of the hill’s overall feel.  Though the off trail is consolidating, I stayed with the machine worked lines to deal with the light issues in the most predictable manner.  Some of those wind lines I talked about yesterday were happening again today, with just a little more smooth to add to the goodness.  I stopped in to the Summit to get a Slab O ZZA from the pie makers there, who use a real brick oven just to keep it real.  Here is a shot of a few of the fresh pies perfectly ready.         img_0013I spent some time up there soaking up the atmosphere in the building by finding a corner to put my feet up and enjoy vibe.  When I went back to pounding out laps, I motored on the lower road img_0015and stopped to take this shot of the monolithic hanging stair case on the East side of the building.  It is just a surreal sight, especially when the light is flat and the contrast is high.   Tomorrow, look for more ground pounding fun from the very first bell. The Groomers will be, once again, offering excellent turning, though they will still be on the firm side.   Look for those wind lines to still be happening, so keep a sharp eye out for the tell tale signs of smooth.   One never knows what will be encountered on the Tram, and I was lucky enough to see these very fashion forward pants, that just happened to have a corresponding art card to go with it. img_0016I was instantly thrown into a psychedelic reverie right there in the middle of the Tram.  I wish I had more time to GROK the significance, but we were docking.  Doh!!   IBBY!!

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