12-23-16 by dave

Perfect un tracked corduroy was the order of the morning with plenty to find top to bottom. The wind was blowing in front of this next weather system, and was transporting snow and leaving it on the smooth lines.  There was bright Sun to illuminate the dance floor and I was trying to do my best rumba all morning.  The Road To Provo is now open, so I went out and got some SIZZLING laps on Mark Malu, where the Cat Crew had out done itself.  Top to bottom luxury, with the wind transported buff was just topping it all off.  What a treat to get this area open.  img_0019Over on Gad 2, the lines were great as well, with the River Run scoring high points for perfect, if there is a scale for perfect.   The wind picked up during the afternoon, and the  wind lines got better.   Tomorrow, look for a storm to be at some stage of development.  The mountain is in great shape and any addition will open up the lines to a full fall line approach.  I am stoked for the next few days.  Here is a shot of Team Cho, who follow my site and were stoked to be on the hill with such great conditions and more to come.img_0021I will be leaving the for the Home Planet today and will be off the GRID.  I will return for the Tuesday report after I rematerialize.   Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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