3-03-17 by dave

It was a balmy morning with velvet smooth lines that had been prepared by the Cat Crew.  The White Diamonds- Lower Silver Dipper line was buttery smooth with dry chalky corduroy that let me explore my inner Ligety.  A few quick Lewis and Clark laps kept the flow going before heading back to the front of the hill as the faithful arrived for the Sun and Fun in the back.  Those dry chalky lines were silently smooth as there was no hint of firmness of any kind.  As anticipated, those due South aspects had absorbed yesterday’s warmth and were feeling a bit tricky.  The High North and sheltered West aspects were still soft, with easy transitions.  In the high traffic lines, the interference patterns have become well defined, but there are good round lines to get through them with ease.  Here is a great shot of  Wally and Kate Conley from Merrimac NH., who were ready to hit the hill.  I am glad they got the great weather before the next storm moves in as there is nothing like sunshine in the Wasatch.  They are both avid readers of the site and I was happy to meet them and share the stoke.    Tomorrow, look for another balmy day as the South winds begin to herald the coming of a Low Pressure swinging down out of the Gulf Of Alaska.  The day should hold up the clear weather, with the storm front not slated to arrive until Sunday afternoon.  The High North continues to provide the dry chalky feel, with the resident rumble easy to negotiate.  Here is a shot of Baldy Bowl, which opened today.  Here it is displaying the amazing quality that was on tap for those pushing for those rare lines.  Look for more amazing Groomers to be offering exquisite corduroy with that soft flannel feel.  The first hour in Mineral Basin will offer wide open Sun lit goodness.  Lewis and Clark will also be offering the Hydro Velvet goodness that keeps me doing lap after lap to dial in the deep involvement in every turn.  Stay Frosty!!

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