3-02-17 by dave

The air was clear cold and still this morning, with a sky that was ultra blue.  It was postcard perfect weather, and the conditions were picture perfect as well, with amazing Hydro Velvet lines on all sides of the hill.  Mineral Basin was bright and sunny, and laps there were fun and fast.  On the front of the hill, dry chalky lines were deluxe and Gad 2 was offering some beautiful drops that were off that charts sublime.  Here is a shot of The Road To Provo area before the opening.  The Essence there was dry cold and a real treat  to have fresh turns a few days after the storm.  The cold morning temps. kept the product refrigerated for a long time, but the bright Sun was going to be working the due South aspects as well as some of the East faces.  I ran into Nycha out on a Lewis and Clark expedition to the left over powder from yesterday.  She passed the 1 Million Vertical Feet mark so far for this season.  I think she will push way over 2 Mil. if she keeps it up.  The day warmed up after Noon, and the quality stayed excellent where ever I went.  I kept working the smooth lines to maximize the arc factor and give my knees a bit of a break.  Tomorrow, look for more Sun, great groomers, and still soft off trail snow that is easy and consistent.  Temps. should be much warmer to start and will warm up fast.  The High North will be holding the best dry snow, but be aware of those South and East faces in the AM. before softening occurs.  The hill is amazingly filled up with lines that rarely get covered, now fully covered and those features a distant memory.  See you there for the morning expression session.  Speed Safely!!

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