3-04-17 by dave

The wind was rockin’ The Trailer all night long, and the pre frontal winds kept pounding all day long.  The Tram was down for the day and Mineral Basin was also left out of the mix due to the weather.  There was plenty of snow for the wind to move, and that South wind was going to be filling the Northern aspects.  With little traffic off the Peak, those big High North lines were shaping up nicely.  High clouds filtered the Sun early in the morning, but there was some clearing as the day wore on, but the wind persisted and is still hitting The Trailer hard.  Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl that I took yesterday as I made my way to the Outer Limits.  While the snow there had consolidated, there was still plenty of fresh cold depth that made the grunt well worththe effort.  Tomorrow, look for continued wind to be hammering the hill ahead of the Front that is predicted to arrive later in the afternoon.  There may be some sunshine for a while, but I am not counting on it.  Be looking for those wind worked lines to be offering the big mountain smooth on many aspects that were benefiting from the transported snow.  There will be a lot of great lines to find, and I think they should hold up for most of the day.   As a parting shot I offer this portrait of The Bliss Brothers who were just gaining the Peak after a session out in Mineral Basin.  It is always a treat to see them on the hill as their enthusiasm is contagious.  Rock ON guys!!  See you all there to find the wind worked lines which should be epic.  IBBY!!!

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