3-05-17 by dave

The wind was still pumping, but did not cause any Tram issues.  I was looking for the wind lines from all the South wind, but found just a few thin sections that were close to where I thought I would find them.  There were other High North aspects that did not hold the snow and were quite scoured, leaving some very interesting rumble to negotiate.  Mineral Basin had some nice grooming, but the off trail was very difficult after the wind and Sun had it’s way with the pack.  The Peruvian Trifecta, which is Upper, Middle, and Lower Primrose Path getting the Grooming treatment, offered perfect consistency top to bottom.  It was so smooth and buttery that it seemed like 40” of Zero %, and it never got tracked out.  My friend Andrew from NZ. was enjoying the last day of his Powder filled trip.  He got all of the great storms of this last cycle, especially the coveted Friday, low traffic, blower deep extravaganza.  The Bird delivered in a bit way.   The Sun came out later in the morning, shedding light on the hill. It was only a bit later that the clouds returned and the lights went out again with continued wind.  Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day, as the front is forecast to move in later in the evening.  A fair installment is expected, so we will be getting a fresh coating on the hill.   Look for those smooth lines to be offering the best ride, but everywhere should be good as the rumble seemed to be smoothing out as the wind worked the pack.  I will be checking the road report in the AM. for Canyon restrictions.  The hill is in great shape, the entrances to the big drops are fat, and lines that have been not been happening for some years are good to go.  See you there for the opening bell.  Stay Frosty!!

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