2-03-11 by dave

The temperature was 20 degrees warmer this morning, which was a great relief from the deep freeze of recent days.  The high North West wind was really mountain sculpting strong as the loose snow was transported mainly into Mineral Basin, though all the low laying spots were collecting the dry cold goodness..  There, as anticipated, was perfect wind transported essence that felt like Classic Rock and Roll on pure luxurious velvet.  With very low traffic the goodness stayed prime all day long.  The higher temps. did not seem to affect the South facing aspects, so they should still be good to go in the AM.  Continued windage overnight will continue to prepare some more aspects for the faithful to enjoy.  These shots are just perfect and never get skied out, so to my way of thinking, these days are right up there with a powder day any day.  The Groomers are also going off, as they collect the wind driven essence in the grooves, creating an effortless, buffed,  wall to wall dance extravaganza .  It looks like there is quite a stretch of weather coming for the weekend, so enjoy the low pressure, continually perfect days.  See you for tomorrow’s festivities.   Expect excellence!!   Peace Out!

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