2-02-11 by dave

It was cold this morning, with the cold mist still hanging on the hill, and the cold North wind blowing big plumes off the ridge tops.  I dressed for the conditions, feeling somewhat mummy like, though someone said I looked like Darth Vader.  I am not going to the Dark Side I can assure you.  The slide factor was much improved over yesterday , with the wind and traffic homogenizing the product to make the ride much more consistent.  The Sun was welcome as it rose up in the sky, shedding light on the situation and seemingly warming the air temps. up a touch.  It was still 11 Below at the peak when I left at 3:00PM.  The overall smooth is still  holding up, delivering lines that just call for a direct fall line approach, which is a sharp contrast with yesterday that left me flailing in the variability. Tomorrow , look for continued improvement in the consistency on most exposures, and look for wind transported lines that may have developed overnight. If it is not too cold in the AM. I will be looking into Mineral Basin for some of those spots that can happen in a big way.  Remember, just a short while back the perfect wind slab  was a huge feature out there.  Just a thought!.  The Groomers will be offering the same carvelocity to get you going and kicking up the RPM factor to power through some of the off trail features. Traffic is light, so there might be a brief Tram schedule that can be kept if you do not dawdle, other wise

Monte Christo


you will be standing around waiting for the next time slot.  If you do miss it, jump on the Peruvian Chair quickly and you will not miss a beat.  Here is a shot of Monte Christo area looking as cold as it was.  Note  the cold mist.  BRRRRR!  I am including a bonus shot of me looking incognito, but I am really trying to keep the frost bite at bay.  See you tomorrow.   Ciao!

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  1. TK says:

    “”Luke, I am your fa-” na, just kiddin’! Great look though Gu!

    Keep up the nice work – extremely helpful updates!!

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