2-04-11 by dave

The corduroy was covered with an exquisite cm. of essence, that made those prepared shots essential for the cognoscenti.  The early morning seemed almost dream like, with a milky overcast that revealed minimal definition, but the filled in corduroy was so perfect it did not matter if you could see it or not.  I just let fly and pretended it was sunny.  The wind was blowing out of the North, filling in the low sections, and smoothing the general field overall. There is still some crunchiness out and about, but it does not really infringe on the fun factor.  The mountain is holding the smooth, despite the week of traffic and little accumulation, keeping the lines good to go with any additional product.  Only the deep trees are presenting any significant amplitude, though the spacing is rhythmic and predictable.  I did visit those shots and was able to negotiate the interference with out too much knee aggravation.  The West facing shots are a bit tricky, as the crunch and Sun affected consistency is no cakewalk, though some of the high traffic lines have morphed into sugary sweetness, so there is some treats to found.    Tomorrow , look for some overnight snow to have graced the hill, softening the ride, though the density factor will determine how much cushion will be provided.  The big smooth shots on the lower mountain, that were given the grooming nod, held up all day long and will be the go to shots in the AM.  The upper Cirque has some approach issues with rocks and scoured sections, so look for the alternate entrances to avoid bottom damage on entry, especially after it has been covered with fresh.  I will be off tomorrow to rest the vehicle and get some stuff done around the trailer.  See you Sunday!!! Ciao!

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