2-05-11 by dave

The faithful showed up in force today, in answer to the call of fresh essence that began falling as I left yesterday.  While there was not a large accumulation overnight, the consistency more than made up for the lack of depth.  The Tram and Peruvian Chair were off line, and other up hill options strained the capacity as the folks continued to make late arrivals.  Now, I was not there today as you know, but I will wager that the new snow was a welcome addition to the overall smooth sections mountain wide.  The snow is predicted to continue tonight, promising even better conditions for the morning.  The only down side would be the visibility, that can really be a challenge, especially on the open featureless sections.  Look for the trees as much as possible to take advantage of the reflected light and added reference points.  I have been dressing quite a bit warmer lately as we come out of the past frigid days, and I have been rewarded by greater comfort and less stress to stay warm.  I usually under dress due to the Tram format that I prefer, and that can really catch up with me- and has- when I find myself hung up on a windy, stopped chair.  BRRRR!  Look back a couple posts and check out my incognito look, looking for warmth.


Like the CHEF said;  ” you can always take it off, you can’t always put it on.  So true CHEFco!!  Here is a shot from last week of the wind sculpted beauty  all over the hill.  See you in the AM.  IBBY!!

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