1-27-15 by dave

The morning crew got to see the only Sunshine of the day as Mineral Basin was offering some great illumination before the weather started to move in.  There was fully an hour of good vis before the clouds lowered and snow started to fall as the wind started to really pick up out of the South.  The High North wind lines were offering the best off trail lines of the day, with wind transported goodness  making them velvety and buffed.  On the front of the hill, the Groomers were offering the best lines, though there were some nice lines to be had if you were willing to deal with some of the tougher entries.   Here is a shot to the South with some very interesting clouds capping Timp.  DSC02510As the weather changed, the temps remained fairly mild, with the bottom of the hill getting springtime soft after Noon, when the lines became very pliable and consistent.  The Sun tried to make repeated appearances, but the clouds were winning the day, and snow continued to fall with minimal accumulation.  Tomorrow, look for more weather to be on tap, some overnight accumulation, and fresh Groomers to work.  Traffic should be light  for the  morning session, so get there early for the best lines of the day.  Wind lines will continue to improve, so look to those aspects for the best off trail lines.  It will take a bit of looking to see where the best shots lay, but going with today’s lines will give you the consistent goods that are waiting a visit.  Dress for weather again.   Speed Safely!!!

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