1-28-15 by dave

The hill had received a light dusting of fresh Essence overnight, with just a trace to be seen in the parking lot.  Up on the hill, 2” of accumulation was covering the dance floor with the smooth lines offering the best feel.  A very light turn out made the lines available last longer, as the very difficult visibility obscured the fresh lines that were to be found if you looked on the side lines.  Out in Mineral Basin, the visibility was improved if you could get down the first 300′ of vertical where the details were much better defined.  The low angle lines were offering the best feel as the higher density product was a cushion over the old layer.  I did venture out on a South facing aspect, just to see if it was as crusty as I had anticipated, and I was quickly sent packing, making a strait line back to the prepared lines to escape the static.  On the front of the hill, the trees were offering the only reflected light by which to navigate.  Again, it was wise to stay on the Groomed lines to avoid being bounced by an unseen variation in the pack. It was continuing to snow when I left at 1:00PM, so we can expect some additional accumulation overnight.  There was not much in the way of wind, so stick with the tried and true lines for the best ride.   Tomorrow, we can expect some more weather with the associated visibility issues.  The temps. are marginal and the cold is not an issue as it was just some days ago.  Watch those crusty exposures, as they will not have improved much unless we get a significant dose of the goods.  It is great to have some fresh snow to work, and those few untracked inches were a delight.  Here is an ART image of mine, as I could not see to get any kind of shot off today.  See you dark and early for fun and excitement!   I’ll Be Blasting You!!!DSC00242

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  1. marie says:

    This was a great day. Great seeing you on the plaza deck. thanks for the hug !

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