1-26-15 by dave

It was 40 Degrees on the peak as the first Tram docked for the morning session.  I had dressed for the occasion, with just a light shell and driving with the top down right from the word GO!!  Mineral Basin was offering fresh Groomers, with White Diamonds the featured new line for today.  Here is a shot I took when I got to the bottom of the drop to chronicle the event.   A quick Lewis and Clark lap was a treat with some nicely placed wind buff to top off the dream.  DSC02505On the front of the hill, a new and exciting drop had been nicely worked out on the Road to Provo, featuring some excellent wind buff deposited in the gut of this big vertical extravaganza.  I had to make numerous takes there, before it got discovered, to get as much of the exquisite line that had not been done this season.  What a nice touch for the day.  Those High North wind lines were still to be had with not much traffic there to chop it up.   That was a keeper all day long.  With the super warm temps, the snow really began to deteriorate on the direct aspects, with Regulator getting down right pasty after Noon.  The North exposures were still holding the cold, but all those shot that saw the Sun were taking it straight on.  Tomorrow, look for some clouds and weather to have moved into the area.  All those aspects that got soft today are going to be very crisp indeed.  Remember your smooth lines from today, trust the Groomers to be consistent, and stay off those very gnarly lines that got cooked today.  Here is a shot of Toad Hill framed by the Mineral Basin Express.  I just had to take this one.  Dress for weather.  Speed Safely!!!DSC02506

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  1. marie says:

    It has been spring skiing all year. with a few gusty storms thrown in.

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