1-25-15 by dave

With an early first Tram departure the day was off to a great start.  Mineral Basin was bathed in bright Sun, making the fresh corduroy fly by as there was nothing to slow the flow.  Once again, there were clouds filling the lower Valleys, which always makes me feel like it is heaven.  Here is a shot of Timp. to the South  looking massive. What tectonic forces lifted that hill one can only wonder.  Needless to say, it has been there for a very long time.  DSC02443On the front of the hill, cold dry chalk Groomers had been prepared, with a couple extra special first tills of the season to enjoy, as well as the stand by drops that were truly unbeatable.  Regulator was offering great turns from the first bell, but it helped to let the Sun come up and shine some light on the situation.  Off trail, there is still good snow to be found, especially  on the aspects that see little Sun.  The wind lines were also a nice feature if you took the time to traverse to access them.  Tomorrow, look for more fast fun to be found on all sides of the hill.  Those wind lines will still be holding up as they were not getting much attention and will remains buffed.  Watch those South faces that saw the Sun as they will continue to be crunchy and difficult with not much in the way of softening.  The conditions are really good even though it has been a while since we had some freshness, but look for the perfect lines where they live and it will be as good as any day for freshness.  See you for the early morning fast fest.   Stay Frosty!!!

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  1. Chris Thiel says:

    interesting shot. remembering the days in a bell jet ranger piloted by lucky chuck krause. for those of you who never had the pleasure of flying with this guy let me tell you there was no one better. flew down that way one spring in the late 70’s with jake lombard aka as jake bond and found the best corn on the face of the earth….

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