1-24-15 by dave

I spent the entire day in the Twilight Zone as I rested up from last week’s full on shred fest.  Up on the hill, the clouds had covered the Sun and the light was flat.  Some fast moving flurries moved through from time to time.  The early morning Groomers were the place to be, with the consistency factor making up for much of the loss of detail.  Conditions remain the same as we saw all week, with that dry chalky feel on the North faces and that off trail rumble still wide spread off the beaten path.  Tomorrow, look for the Sun to return as this cloud deck is predicted to move off and high pressure to move in again.  The Groomers will be offering the smooth surfaces that will let you fly with unmitigated audacity.  Look for the those early morning carpets bathed in the Sun out in Mineral Basin.  Be sure, at some point, to visit the Forklift Chair where these friendly faces will greet you and get you energized for more dancing in the Vortex.  DSC02385I will be there dark and early for the festivities which will get me back on the pace after lollygagging on the couch trying to give the legs a rest.  See you for the hard driving morning session.  IBBY!!

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