1-23-15 by dave

It was a bit warmer, with a bit more wind this morning as the Sun popped out after a cloud deck had moved off for the first Tram session.  Mineral Basin had had some exquisite lines of Grooming on tap that had been covered with some perfect wind deposited silk.  I had to lap that bit of goodness until it was discovered by the faithful as they began to arrive.  Some fast flurries moved in and out of the top of the mountain, but not before dropping a trace of Essence that decidedly made a difference in the feel.   The Sun came back out again, but moved in and out all day as some clouds moved through.  The front of the hill had some freshly tilled lines that were off the charts buffed with the wind that was working things out of the North.  It is nice to get both the machine worked lines with the added goodness of some wind buffed dust.  Nice touch.  Fast laps were easy to make with no waiting for the lifts.  Here is a shot of Trechzilla, who is our very own local Carvesaurus Rex, resting in his layer after leaving his lacerations on the fresh corduroy out in Mineral Basin.  Be sure to keep  you eyes sharp for your very own sighting of this MYTH.  DSC02100Tomorrow, look for some partly cloudy skies, moderate temps,  excellent Grooming lines on all sides of the hill, and a bit more traffic than we have seen this week.  The High North continues to provide some very nice wind lines, so look there for those more adventurous runs.  With some wind overnight, be looking for some fresh new lines to appear.   Keep an eye out for the tell tale signs of the smooth buffed. Here is a shot of some nice snow sculpting by nature, framing a still life of last Summer’s greenery.  DSC02500 I will be taking tomorrow off to recoup for next week. This past week has been a big vertical party.  Stay Frosty!!

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