1-22-15 by dave

It was slightly warmer this morning and the wind had backed off a bit.  The Groomers were dry and chalky, especially on that early morning Mineral Basin presentation.   I had to do a number of laps out there just to make sure.  I did not dress warmer, but the added warmth of the Sun kept me right on the edge.  The front of the hill was offering firm dry chalk that was a special treat on one day old line on lower Primrose Path, that had a bit of static to deal with, but offered smooth wind polished chalk lines that kept drawing me back for more.  It makes you work for each turn, but that is what we came for is the rare lines that are a different form of perfect.  Here is a random shot I took today that just seemed to have a far away feel.  It is just one of those points of view you get when you just stop and look around.  DSC02495Tomorrow, look for another nice morning of hard driving lines on dry chalk and sweet corduroy.  There has been some improvement in the wind lines out on some High North facing aspects that have some wind deposited dust covering them.  You kind of have to link lines together, but it makes it much more interesting.  Still, be watching those aspects that took a lot of Sun, as they will be crispy and demanding.  There are many great lines to get without pushing the Gnar too hard. Traffic should still be light, so plenty of vertical is easy to accumulate on back to back Trams.  See you for the high velocity fun fest in the AM.   Speed Safely!!

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