1-23-13 by dave

As anticipated this morning saw the beginning of the changes that are in store for us in the near future.  The morning light was flat, though the Sun poked through now and again, pushing up the interest level, and the South wind kicked in briskly bringing very warm temps to the hill.  The Groomers were very nice and got better as the day progressed with smooth softness accumulating as the dust got shaved off the corduroy.  Today was a day to check out the complexion of the hill to use when it gets covered with freshness.  The High North is still has mild rumble, especially on the popular runs, and the approach to the Upper Cirque is still stripped 40′ back from the edge.  The Cirque Traverse is very worked and requires a bit of care going though, so any accumulation tonight or in the AM will be covering those features, so be aware as you access these exposures.  Mineral Basin is still holding the good coverage over all, with still wide open areas of smooth that we have been working all week long.  Tomorrow, look for variable visibility as the precipitation moves in.  Keep those big smooth lines dialed in for the best results when things get murky.  There was very low traffic on the hill today, and the Tram was offering ballroom dancing on several of the trips up.  On this particular trip up the cables I was able to get theDSC01222 unstoppable Chessabella to break into a quick Cha Cha when the Tram floor was wide open.  Shake it!!!  Get ready for the conditions to improve as we go into the later part of the week.   IBBY!!

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  1. RickyD says:

    Glad to see ya stylin GU!

    Keep on dancin,


    PS – back from Ghana, Kilimanjaro, and India –
    click here for the skinny:

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