1-22-13 by dave


It was another rock and roll morning, with the Sun shining, Mineral Basin groomed to perfection, and no one around for the morning session.  The sound of Whirring and Zizzing graced each turn as the nap was shaved off the corduroy.  The front side of the hill had set up a bit overnight, leaving yesterday’s velvet buff a bit more challenging until it got worked and the velvet built up again.  By afternoon the smooth was sporting some very nice velvet buff.  With the Sun gaining in the sky with each day, the South East exposures are actually getting corned up later with the days of freeze-thaw we have seen.  Some of those lines were so sweet later in the day.  All the other exposures are still holding the cold and are quite firm, but the smooth makes those sections worth digging in the edges to crank out a back country wind slab run.  The front of the hill softened up as the day progressed, adding another option to keep the dance frenzy going.  Tomorrow, look for another great day, though the weather is beginning to show signs of change, so some South wind might start picking up as things begin to move in the atmosphere.  That might be a bonus for smooth wind slab lines reestablishing the ultra buff again.  Keep an eye out for wind transport.  Today was so Sunny and warm that I thought I would post this portrait of cold from those sub zero days last week as a juxtaposition.  I am so DSC01197grateful for the nice temps after being frosted over like that.  See you for the fun in the AM.   Ciao!!

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  1. SomeGuy NamedJoe says:

    Forecast reads snow. Snow. Snow, yo.

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