1-24-13 by dave

The Trailer was covered in ice from the freezing rain that was falling this morning, but on the hill a full inch of medium density Essence covered the dance floor.  Visibility was marginal, so I went for the trees for reference,  however on the second run I went into Mineral Basin to test my white out skills on White Diamonds, which had been buffed smooth.  You just had to trust that the  hill was there because you just could not see it. Fun stuff.  The brisk snowfall, stout Northwest wind, and  smooth groomers made today a real treat as there was no one on the hill really.  The accumulation had reached 4” by the time I left, and more is on the way, so we are in great shape for a stellar come back from the firm side.  Tomorrow, look for some more medium density Essence, but be aware that the wind might have moved things around.  The medium density installment seemed to stick to the hard pack as it got worked making this a primer coat for what comes next.  Nice to see the freshness and it was fun getting the untracked in the abyss of Mineral Basin because the grooming was so good you could trust it implicitly.  Nice.  Here is a shot of The Super Stars Chesssabella and Syd Vicious,DSC01223  who were once again on hand to rock the hill.  See you in the AM.   IBBY!!!

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  1. Wilma says:

    Happy Birthday Dave!

  2. blizzy says:

    Dave, keep those words a flow’in!!!!!! and happy birthday! “live from proton 9”

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