1-25-13 by dave

Another inch and a half fell overnight, covering the hill with and extra coating of dense velvet.  This installment is sticking nicely to the old hard layer, where now the cushion is getting better and better.  The visibility was variable with Mineral Basin offering much better visibility just below the peak, but if you did not venture down there you would not have known.  Later in the morning the clouds did invade even  there, so you had to follow your sense of smooth.  Going for the old standbys from last week paid off with consistent lines that could be counted on in the fog.   The Grooming Crew has been doing a great job making all the major buff lines silky smooth, which make committing to the non visible lines good to go.  The hill has bounced back from that hard pack face in short order and the next few days will go a long way to making the last stretch a footnote in the season.  Tomorrow,  look for an in between day before the next storm rolls in Sunday night.  It looks like we will have a stretch of unsettled weather into the early part of next week.  The hill still is sporting that low amplitude rumble on most of the popular runs, but the big smooth still exists, so take advantage of those lines when the installments mount up.  Conditions change fast, so expect excellence in the days ahead.  Here is a shot of that early morning Sun shining way down on Timp.,DSC01225 taken from the Baldy Express during the Lewis and Clark runs this morning.  Tomorrow is my day off, so tear it up and be safe out there.   IBBY!!!

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