1-26-13 by dave

It was overcast on the hill today, with no new precipitation, but you can bet the Groomers were buffed and offering hard rocking fun for the morning crew.  It was my day off today, so I only watched the hill when I could peer through the inversion layer.  The warmer temps are working the snow pack and taking some of that  cold chalkiness out of it in some of the areas that get worked hard.  But, with the recent addition of high density snow, I think the stage set perfectly for the next installment, which is still poised to move in later in the day tomorrow.  Coverage is still good, except for the usual high traffic traverses and entrances, so use caution as you approach the trouble spots.  Tomorrow, look for a windy morning with warm temps ahead of the front, so expect to do some serious pre storm training,DSC01224 so you will be ready for the deep when it makes it’s appearance.  Here is great shot of the Stellar  SYD VICIOUS looking very fashion forward and bad to the bone just before we dialed up a real ski frenzy.  See you for the first Tram in the AM.   Stay Frosty!!

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