1-27-13 by dave

The faithful were caught napping this morning as the early risers were treated to some of the sweetest lines of recent memory.  A few inches of high density Essence covered the dance floor, which had been machine and wind buffed, leaving perfect smooth for the cognoscenti.   As the morning wore on the conditions improved as the product mounted up and the wind kept filling in all the tracks.  This day was a powder day where it never gets tracked out and the Storm Riders were getting it all.  Later in the day, word got out and a surge of interest backed the Tram line up a bit, but there was plenty for everyone and then some.  The high density of the fresh Essence cushioned the ride, making even the low amplitude rumble melt down into insignificance.   The real meat of the Front moved in around 12:00 Noon and by 2:00 PM the intensity of the storm was in full effect.  I took that opportunity to bail down the Canyon before it got too greasy.  Tomorrow, look for the warp and woof  to have totally changed into the dream world we have all been6-1-2012_042 anticipating, with all vestiges of the old hard layer a footnote of the season.  Check the Canyon report for restrictions in the AM., and be ready to get back into the Deep Zone.  Here is a shot taken by T and B back in 1981 when I was 30.  Nice to see that this  style is coming back around 30 years later.  Ciao!!

4 Responses to “SIMPLY LOVELY”

  1. Jean says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the blog and for sharing your passion around this mountain and skiing; I’m from France and will be visiting the Bird for the first time this coming weekend with friends, and I really can’t wait to be there.

    The picture really rocks!

    Spare a bit of white gold for us…


  2. marie says:

    love the pic. been loving the book. highly recommend it. makes me feel like i have had a fix of the bird when i am far away from home. or just need to do other things for the day. thanks for the “love letter” in the front cover. on point, amigo !!

  3. Carole Livingston says:

    I remember you from then! Can’t wait for my time next week

  4. becky says:

    Kitster! Rock on and the Mustyache’s?!!! Supahcool.

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