2-13-10 by dave

Valley rain this Saturday morning indicated new snow on the hill which was a bit heavier than the righteous Utah light that every one wants, but I will take the extra heft to cover and fill the chop that has been ubiquitous top to bottom.  Yesterday began the cushioning effect, with today’s addition moving the softness factor ever higher.  Visibility was certainly an issue again today making  the trees the place to hang for the light reflection and added definition.  Gad 2 is a universe of trees with good cover and fairly light traffic that can be a great sanctuary away from the frey on the front side and excellent vis. in the fog and snow.  Little Cloud and Powder Paradise remained close today leaving them fresh for a possible opening tomorrow.  I just got a Text to tell me that the canyon is closing this evening for control work, so I would check the road report in the AM. for details before heading up to avoid the log jam.  Tomorrow look for wind transported smoothness in the gut areas that will have the fresh new on top for extra awesomenicity.  I will be checking the road and will be there as I can access the canyon.  Keep your fingers crossed for full access.  I hate the “hurry up and wait” as my get up and go gets up and goes trashing my initial morning stoke.  See you there.  Stop by the Planetary Office and say Hi.  IBBY!!!   P.S>  Canyon will be closed at 6:15 AM Sunday morning at Gate B.  Estimated opening at 8:00 AM.

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