2-14-10 by dave

Valentine’s Day is a day for sweets and treats and Sunday did not disappoint the faithful who showed up for one of the , in my opinion,  best days of the season.  Yesterday’s wind and gropple filled in all of the North and East facing shots with extra depth  resulting in conditions of Dream Whip quality.  First tracks down the North facing was perfectly smooth and bump free where Friday had significant bumpage wall to wall.  This morning it was full on smooth and buffed by natures own grooming hand.  Again, it gets deeper, but it does not get better, and I had to luxuriate in the rare sumptuosity.  Dang’d it was good and I ain’t lying!!.  Little Cloud opened with epic shots around the bowl.  Mineral basin did not fair as well, as the  wind hammered the fresh and put the thickener to it.  The beautiful blue sky put the icing on the cake with 20 20 vis to make up for the past few days of challenging clarity.  Not too many folks showed up for the big weekend making the lift lines quick and easy.  The West facing was also blessed with very delightful consistency, though it was not quite as deep as the North and East facing it did have the buoyancy and creaminess to give those shots great throw.  I have been waiting for these special shots to smooth out and now I am really getting the most out of them while they hold the big mountain feel.  After all, isn’t that what we strive to experience in the area, that big back country  shot.  I do.   Tomorrow will probably have a fair attendance so hit Mineral Basin first off before the line builds up, then move back to the front as the traffic gets spread out.  T he smoothness held up all day, though the harbor chop began building, but did not deflect the tips as it so often can.  I,ll be on deck dark and early once again tomorrow  to get the best of the morning session.  Be there!!! Peace Out!!

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