2-12-10 by dave

Instrument flight rules where the rule Friday as the falling snow, driven by a pounding wind, kept the conditions refreshed all day as the tracks filled in almost as fast as you could make a lap.  The West facing shots were taking the hit with transported snow filling in the bump areas with soft pockets, which can be followed to put together a continuous untracked run top to bottom.  The early Trams where so perfect I was getting as much out of each turn as I could.  Again, perfect is perfect no matter where you find it, and find it you will if you make the effort to get there early.  Little Cloud and Powder Paradise have been closed for a couple of days now letting the sauce build up for weekend.  This is the big Presidents day week end and the Tram line reflected the increased traffic by holding a one Tram wait until after noon.  The visibility was seriously problematic sending me to the tree runs that have the close reference points to help out the situation.  The Gad 2 trees are getting very nice with the low traffic and continuous snow fall.  The wind does not hurt that area as much as other areas making it a nice place to escape the crowd.  I will not be attending tomorrow to rest my knees, but I can tell you the snow will be great and worth the effort where ever you look.  The entrances are getting better but Great Scott remains a serious challenge to get into.  If you do go you will find a fairly smooth section there, giving you the best ride in quite a while.  I backed off the approach as it was just too gnarly  for me.  I will wait until it gets more realistic. Rip it up for me.  See you Sunday!!

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