2-11-10 by dave

I had to shovel the walk in front of the trailer this morning, which I did as fast as I could to get going and see what was happening on the hill.  3” of fluff was already down at the parking lot elevation, indicating more up high.  The visibility was iffy at best with snow coming down in waves.  During the 10:00 Am hour it snowed over 2” covering my poles which had fallen off the rack.  I though that they had been liberated, but on closer examination, a hint of gray indicated the location directly below where they had been.  Needless to say, the new snow was a welcome and sweet treat to cover the harder snow below.  The big bumps still were in play with just a little cushion provided by the  5” that was happening in the upper elevations, but I stayed with the groomers to keep the smooth line under my feet.  The lower Primrose Path was still good to go after holding up all day yesterday, providing the goods that I predicted yesterday.  MMMMM goood!!!  I just kept lapping that line all morning to take advantage of the extra visibility provided by the trees.   I did venture out to Baldy where the soft snow helped the overall feel of the underlying chop.  Very light traffic rewarded the very few who showed up for the festivities, again, making the Trams roomy and fully back to back.  The temps were moderate with 20 Degrees on the peak making my choice of just a shell a reasonable  one.  I have been caught under gunned in the clothing department when I “dress for how I want it to be”.  As the afternoon progressed the chop started to build sending me home for the day and a rest for the knees.  The forecast looks to be bringing a bit more of the sauce in the next few days before the High Pressure builds in, so take advantage of the great snow, nicely covered pitches, and the very light traffic.  Get there early for best results.  IBBY!!!

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