2-10-10 by dave

“The Chef” deemed today Cruztacular.  I asked him how to spell it and this is what he came up with. The lack of interest left the Tram and the hill wide open with light walk on lifts.  I am sure those guys made the 50 Trams in 2 days yesterday, so they where on the gas.   The off trail remains soft with bumps, however the lines seem to be round enough to offer some relief from the pounding.  I have been aiming for the tops of the bumps when I encounter them, placing the turn right on top while avoiding the troughs.  Dialing the speed back helps my knees deal with the bumps.  The temps remained cold with clouds and variable visibility making some of the runs tough to see.  The sun did come out for nice stretches, but clouds moved in later in the day with light flurries in the mix.  It looks like more clouds moving in for tomorrow, making the lighting problematic.  The Groomers will still hold up and be trust worthy, as they held up all day today with no deterioration.  The lower part of Primrose Path was Groomed for only the second time of the season providing the full on half pipe feel top to bottom.  The edges of that run remained so velvety that I took extra turns to get as much as I could of that rarity.  It was still good to go when I left after last Tram, so it will be still the call on the lower mountain first thing in the AM..  I am really enjoying the half full Trams with room to walk around and mingle.  Nice!   See you first thing for more  high speed fun.   Peace out!!!

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