2-09-10 by dave

Tuesday morning had clouds clinging to the peaks as I drove up in the morning, but they moved off in time for first Tram making for a blue bird morning.  Light traffic all day made back to back Trams easy to do.  Two seekers were trying to get 50 laps in 2 days.  That is a lot of runs in any event.  The Groomers were just a touch tricky as they had Kitty Litter strewn about.  While good carving was no problem, the little marbles created a variable feel overall.  The off trail still has the chop going on and  I avoided it with just short forays into the sections just to test the smoothness factor.  Only a good strong wind storm will begin to move the product into the proper areas.  In the mean time lots of lines still are to be had if you look for the ignored aspects.  Some noses and guts are sporting strong lines that need to be worked a bit more, but have the basis for some future goodness.  Thunder Bowl is now open with soft snow still to be found and good cover in general.  Watch the snags in the lower area out there.  Light traffic is keeping the slopes wide open to the point that I was able to fly the wings in the late afternoon with open runways and smokin’ softness.  There is always highlights to be found every day if you take the time to look and use a bit of imagination.  The cold temps kept the snow from setting up, so tomorrow will provide more great snow all over with the softest to be found in the North facing sections and in the far flung sections.  Fast and charging will be the call in the AM., so eat your Wheaties!!!  IBBY!!!

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