2-28-12 by dave

There was only a skiff here at the Trailer this morning, so I did not expect the accumulation that greeted the faithful.  Today’s offering was a prime example of Utah Light,  offering blower deep face shots, a much improved ride, and a return to the conditions that everyone knows and loves.  The West facing exposures seemed to heal up from the crustiness that was resident this week, with the North and East facing aspects offering a slightly softer bottom feel.   The interference patterns were still fully in play, as the light density Essence only marginally cushioned the ride due to the high amplitude substrate.  The low visibility also made negotiating the  variations a bit more difficult,


and I was struck with some moments of vertigo out in the open, non referenced, expanses.  I had to go sit one out to regain some semblance of equilibrium.   I hate those whurley, pit of the stomach feelings.   Powder Paradise and the Road to Provo remained closed today, but may get the nod tomorrow, so stay stoked for more deep.  The Cirque Traverse is in much better shape than just the other day, however, it still has those pesky cross chop features that make that middle section a challenge, so use caution going into that ratchet chop section.  Overall the mountain is looking and skiing very nicely, with plenty to choose from wall to wall.   A bit bigger storm is forecast for the near future, which will only amplify the stoke factor for everyone.   There will be a road closure in the AM, so check the access before leaving.  Here is a shot of an exotic flower that I thought juxtaposed the milk bottle visibility of today.    Ciao!!!

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