2-29-12 by dave

The Canyon opened early this morning, getting the day off on time for the morning crew.   The wind was nuking out of the South out ahead of the front that finally moved through at 5:30 PM.  Once again, I dropped into the milk bottle that was Mineral Basin, just to test the depth back there.  There was  easily 12” back there and at least 30” of fog to go with it.  I once again got zapped by Vertigo, but if  I drop into a milk bottle, what do I expect?   The Front side of the hill was being filled and stripped depending on the aspect.  The High North was getting the lions share of the filling, with the West facing getting the scour treatment as the wind just picked up  intensity as the morning continued.  The Tram kept running, with the wind blowing straight down the cables, making the peak a trippy experience.   Where else are you going to step out into a maelstrom of such magnitude, on purpose, and meander off into the void just for grins and giggles.  The storm kept filing in the tracks as fast as you skied it, so run after run was untracked.  Now that is a Powder day.  The Cirque Traverse was getting very nasty at the middle section, which required close attention, especially as the wind whipped snow obscured the details to ZERO.   Tomorrow will be a hurry up and wait situation, as the Canyon is closing tonight and will be delayed in the morning opening.   It is snowing very hard here at the Trailer as I write this, so I expect this system to bring some serious accumulation.  This is the stuff we have been waiting for.  I am just going to relax, enjoy the morning, and get to the hill when I can.  See you there.  IBBY!!!    P.S.   Here is another piece of Art from my experiments with gravity.


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