3-01-12 by dave

This is the stuff of legends, and we got another dose of perfection today, as this installment of Essence finally put the hill on the GOOD TO GO meter.  The underlying substrate is still reflecting through marginally, but the softness is making any interference patterns easy to negotiate.   There is only sparse hints of the crusty layer out and about, but you have to look for them.   The Upper Cirque has filled in markedly in the past few days, making it look much fatter than just 2 days ago.   Clouds and cold kept the snow from being Sun damaged, making the cut up crud fluffy and blastable all day long.  The harbor chop began to build up in the afternoon, but it was more like harbor foam, letting you just blast through any pile in your way.   The consistency  and creaminess is ubiquitous on all exposures, and the forecast snow coming in tonight will put all the memories of crust far behind.  I heard many folks remarking that the hill is the way it is supposed to be here in LCC.   Tomorrow look for accumulation to have occurred


overnight, and the Canyon is going to close, so check the road access before leaving in the AM.   Here is a shot of Hellgate in the quasi sunshine that broke through for a short period today.  Things are good wall to wall, top to bottom.  Come and get it, this is it!!   See you for the festivities in the AM.   Peace Out!

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  1. george says:

    could you call me when the road opens

  2. Ben Johnsson says:

    Ben Johnsson…

    […]x Hello! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the brav gn[…]…

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