3-02-12 by dave

After this weeks primer work, last night’s installment of Essence pushed the conditions to the STUDIO level, which is, perhaps, the highest point on the bell curve of quality.  I’m calling it STUDIO, as it embodied the depth, low moisture content, consistency, and whatever esoteric quality that can be experienced, it was all there today.   It was fully BLOWER, with lines filled and good to go for everyone.   All the folks, who were waiting for the return of the Monster Powder Zone, were rewarded with just such the day.   The visibility could be construed as  problematic, but the cloud cover preserved the quality for the duration, though things seemed to thicken up a touch toward the end of the day, but there were


face shots and deep pockets to aim for.   Tomorrow, look for the skies to clear off and return the Blue Bird sky to make it post card perfect.   I expect quite a bit of traffic to take advantage of the goodness, so get there early for  a head start on the crowd.  It is good on all aspects, but with the Sun higher in the sky, look for the most exposed aspects to begin to respond to the heat waves.   Hit those shots early before they go South, and pay attention to the aspects as the day progresses.  I am taking the day off, so give it all you got for me.   Here is a shot I took today that I will put up as a visual puzzle for you.   What is this?  Anyone?   Ciao!!!

6 Responses to “SOOOO DEEEEP”

  1. Creo says:

    Avian Plumage or the view at warp speed through the Essence?

  2. Kelly says:

    STUDIO – Awesome Analagy ~~~~ ~~ ~ ~ the perfect sound waves, complete with female back up singers, double purcussions, depth, lightness, clarity, precision, digital accuracy, all layed out in hydro stereo phonics, NNnnnooioioiiceeeee@@!!

    Is that a picture of porkypine hair? Sour Deisel maybe?

  3. Krizia says:

    Collar of a warm jacket?

  4. dave says:

    All great guesses. This is a shot of the back of a vest that was worn by a guest at breakfast today. I could not resist asking to shoot it for the whimsicality of it all. Avian plumage is closest, though I don’t know what it was made of, but it was TRES CHIC!!

  5. seajack says:

    My first guess was Billy Gibbons beard!

  6. Heyatoya says:

    That’s a picture of my hair that I lost 20 years ago! Glad someone found a good use for it.

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