3-03-12 by dave

Quiet Place

The weather presenters promised sunny skies for today, but the clouds remain over the Valley and the Mountains as well, preserving the snow quality for the day.  It is still fairly chilly here at the Trailer, as I wrestle with some antenna alignment issues that have been thwarting the clarity of the TRANSMISSIONS.   I have also dispensed with the Tin Foil Hats, thus letting in the full magnitude of the impinging information stream.   If you find me a bit dazed on the Tram, it is probably the results of heavy down load sequences.   Up on the hill, the frenzy has abated a bit, but the hill is still offering the goods wherever you look.  The Groomers are once again soft and crust free, but the softness will be worked over fairly quickly by the traffic, so the early risers are going to get the best buffed of the day.   Tomorrow, look for another morning of impeccable corduroy, still soft off trail crud, and a bit of a let up in the traffic, which should set the day up for some serious ground pounding.  Still be vigilant for the fast movers entering the main runs from the sides, cliff bands, cat tracks, and any unimaginable line that one would never expect.  I was really focusing my attention on the unpredictable movements of all the traffic on the hill.  For me, a bit slower pace, a more relaxed approach, and an ear to the inner voice assist in keeping me free of accidental encounters.  The Powder Vortex  of LCC stretches its influence around the world, pulling of the heart strings of those that love this place, and the faithful are responding to the call.    Here is a shot of a place of tranquility at the center of the Vortex that has quiescence and movement all at the same time.  Something of a paradox.  Peace out!!!

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