3-04-12 by dave

After a week of great snow, improving cover, and marginal  visibility, the hill was bathed in beautiful Sun from one end of the compass to the other.  Powder Paradise opened with some wind affected slabbiness that was a bit touchy, but responded to a soft touch.  The entire Mountain had set up on the off trail sections, with with the wind deposited guts and wind lines offering some very nice supportable wind slab.   It was such a treat to be able to follow the lines as they moved whimsically from area to area, keeping the lines interesting.  The front of the hill was offering some serious Groomers, where full commitment to the edge set was a given.  No longer do you have to hedge the line in anticipation of a glazed surprise in the middle of the turn.  Hip dropping, arc popping turns were just a living dream.   The crowd was well distributed over the hill, making the waiting very quick or non existent  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be full tilt boogie fast, with the Sun still shining, but that Sun did begin to affect the South and East facing shots a bit, so wait for them to soften a bit later.   The High North is holding the cold dry chalky feel, so no waiting is needed there.  The road was closed today after 1:00PM due to slide activity after the warming began to stress the South faces, so tomorrow may also prove to be problematic on that front, so be prepared.  Looking for some more weather on Tuesday, which will put yet another coat on the hill to smooth over the low wind rumble.   MMMMM   Smooth!!!  See you on the Deck. Here is a shot of a rare patch of  Snow Mushrooms which come up after a long seige of snow, much like mushrooms on the lawn after a lot of rain.  Eat one of those Essential Crystals of YUMMM, and you will really get off.     IBBY!!


  1. Tomi McCarthy says:

    wants to know if they are home made shrooms?? we have never seen anything like that before. please reply!!

  2. dave says:

    This is a very rare discovery. I have only seen this once before, and they will kick you ass, as well as blow your mind!!!

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