2-27-12 by dave

A grey overcast sky, no new accumulation overnight, and not really too much to get excited about, kept the traffic very low for today’s festivities, but today was a sleeper.  Granted there were some aspects that were less than stellar, but high winds overnight did some amazing things by filling in and compacting some of the the big High North lines.  It is very rare to get these big mountain lines that smooth top to bottom with absolutely no pressure.   I could not help but think back to “Back in the Day” when the high aspects would smooth over and stay smooth for days.   Today, we just got the goods for the day before the crust began to break, but those runs were just deluxe.  Also of note was the Grooming job, which was augmented by the wind, on Anderson’s hill, and Lower Primrose Path to complete the top to bottom ground pounding.   As I frequently note, this line could have been any big mountain back country extravaganza, except that it was lift serviced.   Digging deeply into each turn afforded some sumptuous feel under foot, and the consistency in the wind lines was simply creamy and dreamy, and I was not alone in this assessment.   Regulator,


and the West facing shots were sporting some serious glaze after the wind stripped those aspects clean.  The wind giveth and the wind taketh away!! Tomorrow, look for some accumulation overnight, which will really buff out the hill.   Be sure to check the road report for access in the AM.   It is going to be good.  The stage is set for some serious rippage.   See you there in the AM!!! IBBY

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