2-26-12 by dave

Transmissions from the GALACTIC FEDERATION were coming down the ION BEAM as fast as I could translate the DATA STREAM early this morning.


There was some very interesting information in that stream that I will share on a need to know basis.  However, I was unable to get to the hill until 1:00PM after dealing with that bit of entertainment, which was unfortunate, as I missed the smooth buffage from yesterday’s wind storm.   All that wind did some very nice filling of the trenches, smoothing out big lines, and also stripping exposures clean down to the crusty layer, which left Regulator a distinct challenge for the  morning crew who  had to hit it first.   I was invited to take an exploratory run down the Upper Cirque just to see if the recent installments had healed those shots up yet, only to find that there are still significant vestiges of gnar to be dealt with.  Care should be taken on approach, and a deliberate line may get you by the rocks, but you will be hard pressed to avoid the reefage that still lurks in the middle of each of the Upper Cirque shots.  I got a core shot just being careful, so be aware.   The cold daytime temps. have kept the snow soft and blastable, fending off the Sun damage that begins to trash the pack this late in the season.  Once again, the wind did wonderful things mountain wide, so be on the look out for your favorite lines, and lines that you were holding off on, now that things are filling in, but as I just explained, there are some glaring exceptions to be sure.  Looks like more weather is coming in, so I am not going to even think about it.  It will be what it will be, and that is, as we know,   great!!   Here is a shot of Superior looking freshly frosted and untrammeled.  MMMM  Goood!!

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  1. Jebby says:

    what did the Galacticos have to say GuruDave? “vestiges of gnar”. loving it.

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