2-25-12 by dave

The Trailer was rocking and rolling in the pounding prefrontal winds, which sounded thunderous and exciting.  It looked like it was going to be clear, but the clouds moved in quickly.   The Bird reported high winds, no Tram, Mineral Basin and assorted other lifts in response to the sever weather.  One thing is certain, the wind was working it’s magic as only days like this can provide.   Snow transport really smooths the hill out overall, filling in some of the most persistent interference patterns.   I will be looking f0rward to tomorrow, to see what has transpired.  Already, the  hill has smoothed out considerably, but some of the more sheltered areas still were sporting some rumble.   More snow is in the forecast, so you can expect the hill to be offering the Utah Best, which is especially sweet considering the hard times of the earlier season.   Time to enjoy the goods.   Still be aware of the hard charging fast movers as you work  the hill, paying special attention to the tree lines, uphill merge points, cliff bands, cat tracks, and any unexpected exposure features that might have a high velocity issue to suddenly deal with.    Here is a shot of a very bold fashion statement that I could not resist.  Fun times!!!  See you for the festivities in the AM.   Ciao!!


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  1. TBoy says:

    I’d recognize that wookie anywhere. I first met him while I was wind farming on Tatooine I’d know him anywhere. He goes by the name of… while on this third rock from Sol. Loves to party. Beware of you hand as you feed him.

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