2-24-12 by dave

Today was one of the best days of the season on many levels.  Little Cloud and Mineral Basin opened with some of the most sumptuous snow pack.  Even though it was not blower light, it had a


consistency that was nothing short of luxurious.   It had a heft and richness that made one feel like Super Slider, no matter which exposure you chose.   Only some parts of the West facing shots had some vestiges of the rain crust that was deposited the other day.   The Groomers were off the charts buffed with just a light covering of dust that just put the icing on the cake.  One of the highlights was the lower Primrose Path, which had such velvety smooth lines that held up all day long.   It was strange that it did not get rutted or hacked up.   I kept lapping that big smooth line all morning long.  I was able to get the drop of the Mineral Basin opener, which let me take my time and get deeply involved with each turn.  The day was a bit brisk, which kept the snow refrigerated and preserved for tomorrow.  Look for another offering of  ultra buffed Hydrovelvet on all the Groomers, with the off trail still offering very soft crud.  Most of the entrances are getting more approachable, and will only get better with any additional accumulation, which is in the forecast.  We seem to be in the flow now, so expect goodness with each installment.   Day off tomorrow, so turn for me if you would.   Peace out!!!

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