2-23-12 by dave

A fresh installment of Essence was delivered overnight, along with winds that many folks said sounded like a freight train going by.  I was told the wind went over 100 mph at times during the night, which worked the mountain much more than the new snow did.   Regulator was stripped clean, but the transported snow had been placed in just the right spots.  Yesterday, I looked into upper Great Scott to see that I wanted no part of that fiasco, but today the same entrance was much more realistic, with the main line baby butt smooth and buttery.   I had not been in there for some time, and the wait was worth it.  The new snow seemed light, but the wind had knocked the air out of most of it, leaving billiard table smooth lines in many places, as well as some carvalicious accumulation.  Mineral Basin and Road to Provo remained closed, so there is a chance we might see them tomorrow.  The faithful showed up in enthusiastic numbers, with everyone trying to make up for lost time.   The frenetic pace was blistering overall, and I just wanted to get out of the way and let the fast movers have what they craved.   Me?   I have been there long enough to know that I prefer a more meditative approach to the fall line, and that was not going to happen today, so I bailed early.   The conditions were excellent and will remain excellent going into tomorrow.  I can safely dispense with the reef advisories, as most are well underneath the pack, but there are some spines that need to be given the requisite respect.  Now that all of the optional lines are now in play, it is imperative to be cognizant of the fast movers dropping out of everywhere at any time at all.  This includes cliff bands you might be traversing under.  You can expect aerial movers to be blasting off with no spotting and no regard as to what , or who is below.  Just an observation!!  See you there for the first Bell.   IBBY!!

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