4-30-16 by dave

The morning started out Sunny and I had hoped for a warm day, but clouds moved in rapidly and the day remained a bit cool.  Up on the hill, clouds covered the sky, making the visibility flat and variable at times.  The Groomers were the place to be, with the recent accumulation mixed into the mat. The conditions on the hill remain pretty much the same as they have been, with the off trail still a bit tricky, but still workable if you take a direct approach.  Here is another shot of one of the floral arrangements at the center.  I am always intrigued by the fractal math ofDSC03814nature and how buds like this conform to the Golden Section so perfectly.   Tomorrow, look for another partly cloudy day with winds out of the South East as the Low Pressure passes to the South.  Temps. will still be cool in the AM. so dress for the chairs, but warming will occur on the lower elevations later in the day.  Softening will occur later as things warm up, but those early lines on the fresh smooth are a nice way to start the day.  See you there for the morning session.   See the Line, Be the Line!!

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