4-29-16 by dave

A light skiff was delivered overnight, which made the ride buttery smooth for the morning session.  The forecast Sun only made a couple of very brief appearances before thick clouds moved in to make the visibility a bit difficult.  Here is a long shot of Mark Malu, which had been machine worked, waiting in the wings for the Road to Provo to open after control work was completed.  DSC03816The Sun had been shining on here for a second, but I could not get my camera out and booted up before the light went away.  The Road to Provo did finally open around 10:30 AM.  which offered some interesting consistency after all the days it was closed.  There was a zipper crust that made things interesting, but some of the aspects managed to avoid that issue.  Visibility out there was challenging with little in the way of reference to guide the way.   Still, it was great to have the new terrain to work after all this time.  Preliminary work is being done on the first TrackDSC03818Cable.  Here, a technician is getting the block and tackle set up to pull tension on the bottom end before it is released from the giant counter weight down in the drive room.  This will be a very interesting process to watch as they progress.   Tomorrow, look for better weather, freshly worked Groomers, and some softening if the temps. warm up.  The off trail remains variable with a significant underlying rumble to deal with.  Look for the Groomers for the smoothest ride. Traffic should be light with no waiting for the lifts except for the opening bell. Check the Bird site for lift availability.   I will be taking the day off tomorrow for R and R.  Enjoy the Spring conditions.  Stay Frosty!!

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