4-28-16 by dave

There was added accumulation covering the dance floor this morning as the day began with falling snow, cool temps. and variable visibility.   More accumulation had fallen up high, however, yesterday’s installment had set up solidly but was cushioned a bit by the new product.  Visibility was interesting up high, but good enough to dial in some good lines.  I was exploring far off the prepared lines, and found some fairly deep sections but still was bouncing off the bottom for the most part.  The untracked lines were feeling the best, even though the high density product kept you on your toes.  I went for the outside lines on the smooth runs for consistency, and had a nice time spreading the frosting underfoot.  As the pack got worked over, the consistency became quite thick and sticky, so I gave my knees a break and called it good.  Since the visibility was marginal, I offer this bright shot of fresh cut flowers from Julia’s masterful hands at DSC03808Living Creations, who provide the arrangements for the Bird.  She is a very talented lady and I always take a close look at the new presentations she brings.   Tomorrow, look for some improving weather for a day or so. We may get a few sightings of Sunshine on the hill. Look for the Groomers to offer the best ride. The off trail will be tricky, but explorations will be fun to look into.  Perhaps we might get  some new terrain, but we will just have to wait and see what shakes out.  Coverage is very good after all this new product, making the top to bottom lines fully fat.  I will be looking forward to wearing a lighter coat.  IBBY!!

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